Hayal Pozanti

Hayal Pozanti (Turkey, 1973) is a Turkish artist based in New York whose pictorial and sculptural works are based on the abstraction of numbers and statistics that correspond to data that reflects human tendencies. Pozanti’s dynamic compositions are created from an alphabet called “Instant Paradise” that is composed of 31 abstract symbols that are based in juxtaposed numbers. An element that constantly stands out within Pozanti’s practice is its timeless aesthetic that contains both futuristic and modern characteristics, her works are able to abstract the form in a practically algorithmic way to create a numeric representation through figuration. The impeccable way of encrypting information through the use of images in Pozanti’s work is a key element to comprehend her creative practice that explores multiple mediums such as painting, sculpture and digital animation. Pozanti’s work has been exhibited individually and collectively in galleries and institutions around the world such as Deep Learning at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (Connecticut), From Minimalism Into Algorithm at The Kitchen (Nueva York) and Women and Abstraction at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum (Florida).