Asger Carlsen

Asger Carlsen (Denmark, 1973) is a Danish artist based in New York who combines photography and sculpture through digital tools to create complex compositions where the human figure is altered to create new forms that question the confines of reality. Carlsen’s work goes beyond photography and traditional mediums since it approaches an unexplored aspect of the human being through disfiguration and the transformation of matter from an experimental perspective.  Developed from an emotional sensibility that seeks to find a balance between fiction and reality, Carlsen’s work questions the notion of traditional photography in a way that is as subtle as it is disturbing. Throughout Carlsen’s series one can appreciate a timeless aesthetic that is reinforced by the constant use of lighting and shadows in his sharp compositions. By establishing a dialog between analog and digital techniques, Carlsen’s discourse has evolved throughout the years to consolidate itself as one of the most unique overtures in contemporary photography. His work has been included in multiple publications and exhibitions in galleries and institutions throughout the globe including recently the Berlin Biennial, “Second Skin” in the Museum van Loon (Amsterdam), “Wrong” in the Museum de Contemporary Art of Rome, “Beyond Realism – Post-Reale Tendenser i Fotografiet” in the Fotografisk Center (Dinamarca) and “Faceless I” in the Museums Quartier Wien (Viena). Among his multiple series is “NO JOKE” realized in collaboration with Roger Ballen, a never-before-seen body of work that combines photography with digital editing and analog techniques such as collage and drawing.