Kate Steciw

Kate Steciw (United States, 1978) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York whose creative discourse oscillates between sculpture, photography and assemblage. Steciw’s work is created from all sorts of images and textures that are taken from social networks, internet sites and her own daily interaction with the world that are transformed into complex compositions with multiple planes and combinations that take photography towards the tridimensional realm. Steciw’s creative process is very intuitive in the sense that she applies various types of images into her creations to bring a new purpose into the life and function of the images by altering their initial form to compose a profoundly symbolic allegory. The images that Steciw selects are segmented by random silhouettes that refer to different objects and figures that go from the day-to-day to the abstract that are later printed in aluminum mounted on PVC or applied in a textile way. Steciw’s work is expansive in the sense that the form acquires exponential qualities through its appliance into a space in a tridimensional way, her assemblages create a dynamic narrative between the iconography and symbolism of the images. Her photographic sculptures have been exhibited in multiple galleries and institutions worldwide such as Things of Shapes at Neumeister Bar-Am (Berlin), Not A Photo at The Hole (Nueva York) and Under Construction-New Position In American Photography at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn).