Hannah Perry

Hannah Perry (England, 1984) is a British multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles whose work is based on the exploration of human interaction and its subjective, aesthetic and sensory qualities. Adopting a wide range of mediums within her creative process such as video, sound, photography, sculpture and performance, Perry is able to create strong works that make a personal perspective on what’s “social” an infinite and impeccably seductive narrative.  Simultaneously, Perry’s compositions play the role of a time capsule given that they capture a moment and sensation that testify on behalf of the concept of youth and its modern day interaction. By using multiple elements such as editing and assemblage within her narrative, Perry transforms all sorts of analog and digital materials to create a latent dialog between her personal life and her highly extroverted practice. Perry’s works are an oneiric reflection of her subconscious that is hoping to be interpreted through the senses leaving aside any redundant theory.  Perry has participated in multiple exhibitions in both galleries and institutions throughout the world such as the Institute Of Contemporary Arts (London), Private Settings: Art After The Internet in the Modern Art Museum of Warsaw and Horoscopes (Déjà Vu) in the Serpentine Gallery (London).